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August 3, 2016
You were here once, and then you were gone. Out of all the messes I've seen, you are by far the prettiest one. You are here sometimes physically, but not in spirit; not in the way I want you to be. My mouth does not press to your skin anymore, no more dark purple marks, no more chills running through my body like water in a riverbed when I could hear you saying my name. My taste is now foreign to you, but your name still fills my head, my mouth, my ears, my heart. My memory of you is fading; far faster than I would like it to disappear. I wish I could replay forever what my eyes have captured of you. I have to put you and our memories deep into a closet of my mind- your skeleton waiting there too. If there were ever a time that you realized that I will be forever a part of you, if that's even possible, I hope you come back to me; where I will stand with my arms outstretched to you- to welcome you back home.

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