Infinite Addiction

August 2, 2016
By , White Bear Lake, MN

Today I woke up to the beep of my phone, telling me to get up and go.
I got up, I got ready, then I sat down again, phone in hand, scrolling through the depths of the web.
I sat there for hours, taking all of it in.
No way doing nothing’s considered a sin.
I read through fictionous stories with claims of truth.
I watched the lives of success of people I never knew. I
looked at my options of everything I could do,
but I sat there for hours, knowing full well I could move.
I thought about moving, of doing something with my life,
but the internet is nice, I can see the world from safely inside.
Unlimited information, all at my fingertips,
with no credible source except for my faith in it.
I can know almost anything in the blink of an eye.
A rush so thrilling, it is really a high.
So hello, my name’s anonymous, and I can tell you lies.
You have no choice but to believe my word, you can’t know who’s on the other side.
I’m still slightly in denial, but it’s becoming clear.
I’m addicted to the attention that I can get through here.
I type anything I can, making sure to include the buzzwords.
Anything made public is forever, but I want to be heard.
Sure, there’s a delete button, to give anyone with an opinion a choice to be forgiven by the hordes of anonymous screen names shouting the opposing position.
As I scroll once more I yawn, and look up from my screen.
I had made it through the day without one sip of caffeine.
I would consider it an accomplishment except for the very fact,
that I went a whole day without any human contact.
Years from now, I won’t remember this day.
The day I sat down and let myself waste away.
I’ve gone a whole day and I feel no satisfaction.
I’ve accomplished nothing, and missed out on any real action.
Yes the internet is infinite, and fun to explore.
But there’s a world really out there, what are you waiting for?

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