dear depression

August 2, 2016

 Remember when you forced pills down my throat
Convincing me it was the only escape
Or the countless times you dug your nails into my skin
Saying it would force me back into reality
Remember the endless hours of therapy i was put through
All because of you
Or the scars still noticeable on my arm
Because you so enjoyed to see me bleed
Remember the friends long forgotten
Left behind because you told me they would be happier if i left them
Or those lonely nights i still can’t comprehend
You were screaming practiced lines of torturous lies into my mind
Remember when i took on a new weapon
The one that slowly forced you farther and farther away from me
Or the troops i called on
To assist in my sweet victory
Remember when i started to fight back
To find that you were much less strong than you appeared
Or when i found my worth again
Realizing it was much much higher than you lead me to believe
Remember when i dared to dream
Of a future without you
Do you remember when i left you behind for good, and all of the things you held over me were forgotten, the days of darkness just bitter memories, remember when i won?

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