who is this God

August 2, 2016
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I asked myself a question, who is this God?
suddenly the answers came following like a river in to my head
then I asked again, who is this God?

finally, in history I call him the beginning
God who was not created in the beginning but created the beginning
in accounting I call him the provider
God who keeps providing especially for those who offers
in geography I call him rock of ages
because when you strike the Christians you strike a rock and you will crushed

in life science I call him a healer
God who is concern about our health and well being
in mathematics I call him a solution
God who always provide the solution when things seems to go wrong
in physics I call him automatic
God who works in a mysterious way
in tourism I call him the creator
God who created all creation, just take a good look at people next to you and see the wonders God has created

in economics I call him God of all people
just because there is no discrimination in Christ, Christ is for all
in business I call him the answer
God who listens and answers to the prayers of his children
in English I call him the unchangeable changer
God who changes the situation but he does not change
he is the same God yesterday, today and forever more

in chemistry I call him the Alpha and omega
God who was there and he is still here
in Agriculture I call a planter
God who plant a seed that doesn’t get rotten

what else could we ask for?
let’s be like ford slogan

let’s not go near but go further
like Toyota slogan
let’s keep moving forward
like Hyundai slogan
let’s have new thinking’s because God gave us new possibilities
like range rover slogan
let’s be tough and intrepid to change history
Like Datsun slogan lets be tough to fight the world
like Nissan slogan God who makes the impossible to become possible

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