July 27, 2016
By Rach3819 PLATINUM, The Colony, Texas
Rach3819 PLATINUM, The Colony, Texas
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You filled me with heroin;

It flowed black from your lips

And then I became with the moon,

So that all I could think about

Was this.


You showed me the waves;

Rhythmic crystal melting to tin

And I fell for the dark concoctions,

Emotion tumbling in my veins--


I shot into the stars,

Too lost to know it was a sin.


You burned at my throat,

Like the vodka that dripped down my knees

As you pushed me up

Against a wall

And made me vow that

I was free.


But then the tar stopped flowing

It hardened into a cast;

All I sensed was you

When the needle pierced my skin

And the onyx shattered like glass.


Whistles of the hollowed pen

Your attention left with the sun; with dusk;

Quick to melt away

Seeking out with surpassing lust.


Still I stood there elated;

Lifted up

Filled with outer space; your stardust.


Cause it didn't matter back then--

I was in love with that fact

That we both cried in black.

Still we wanted more;

It didn't matter that I was yours.

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