July 28, 2016
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There was a time when every thought was a daydream and every daydream was reality
And now time is moving quicker and you can't stop saying, Dear August, dear september,
i'm trying to remember, a time when nothing mattered, when I wasn't out of breath from running out of all my precious time.
Because now you have one foot on mars and one foot on Jupiter and a million stars all shining back at you
And you don't know if you could always be that bright.
Some days you will watch your words disappear in the air like smoke while everything around you keeps burning.
Some days people will make mountains out of your molehills and stick you on top of Everest.
Some days your skin will crawl because it seems as if you are waking up after sleeping for so long under a starless night
and the words run through your mind like a river, that even if you are one in a million, there are still 7000 people on earth who are just like you.
And the answer is not to break your back climbing every mountain that you can find
The earth did not spend eons moving the ground under your feet into mountains just for you to plant your flags.
Planting flags can just raise questions and expectations.
Before you fall off your mountains, fall back down to earth, remember that everyone else is also staring out at the universe.
And how much would your heart hurt if you looked up at the night sky to see one star shining back at you ?
Or how does a garden fit into a landscape with only one flower ?
What makes us different brings us together.
We are all connected, we are all tied together by a binding string called living.
We are all trying to climb our own mountains.
And though you may not be a supernova that is visible light years and lightyears away
just about no one is.
We are all stars, we are all part of a picture that has been in the making since the beginning of time.
We are all connected, and we are all human.
So, appreciate those who you are watching run ahead of you. 
Appreciate those who you can only imagine shining as bright as.
And remember that none of us would be here if it wasn't for the billions of stars who were and are a part of our our universe.
and, when you are off on your own wondering if anything will turn right side up, remember,

Nothing will grow without a rainy day.
And, above the clouds, the sun and stars are always shining.

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