To try

July 26, 2016

Life is going to mean something
That’s what they told me
Money, love, joy, somewhat big
But I have to look for it
This thing that proves legit
And claims that all my failures will turn into
Like we have purpose
The power of inertia that moves mountains when we tell them to stand
While we fight to comprehend ourselves
And strive to apprehend
Or understand

But what happens when we reach the end
Or so…the end of the beginning
Of death
Does life fail to accept us?
Refuse to mend the broken things that shatter
Through our search of love and every breath
Maybe if we continue to leave behind our failures
And gain the opportunity
The credentials
To say we accomplished to some degree
The meaning of existence at the end of the day
When we’re confined to four walls and cranky fosters
While having wheelchair races in the halls
And talking about the life we had
Before time began to call
to say bye without the good
and hi before we fall

And we will fall
Don’t let them lie to you
But perhaps it isn’t the decline that matters
But the impact
The power of hitting life so hard
That the bar breaks and the ground mars under the
The compression of actuality
The decomposition of ourselves
Into an ambiguous degree of exterminations
Into the succession of reality
What then?
What happens to the lives we once held so high?
The lives that asked the questions
When the line leaders have expired and there’s no one left
To hold your finger
Before crossing the street

Just the fact that we are
That we can think and comprehend
Beyond levels of others
That’s something else
Something that sets us apart
Even through the heart of pain
That encompasses the fire
Of our stories
The course of the journey
That comes from afar and then ends
No warning or bending of time
In our favor.
Nothing to tell us where we end
Or when our strings have been cut
By the puppets that waver
The threads that cave or the
People we lose
While we look for ourselves

Because life resides in the fear
Of the days that are coming
But may never grasp our fingertips
Until we’ve gone
And our lives, so full of love
Brimming before our decay
Ending the day
We realize
We may not have a chance
To say the things we must
Relay our last message
To those we hold above

So perhaps this is the message
The scroll of honor
Or fame
To explain life in a way you understand
Perhaps life is merely an allusion
For the good of us all
The fusion of mankind
Into one singular piece
A contusion of reason
To form our final lives
And conclude the ideals we once had
To let them rest
And then to let them die

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