Oshkosh Poem

July 21, 2016
By cardej1290 SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
cardej1290 SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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I want to talk about Oshkosh.
How the city comes together
To form a community
To form a sense of safety
How this city in Wisconsin
is not large
or famous.
I want to talk about the companies.
How we start them
with money, love for the business,
& care for the people.
Talk years
of togetherness
so compassionate
it’s warm, like a hug.
Talk 1853
& how it started the future city.
How history is the word
that makes this city great,
populated, and possible.
Talk about Exclusive Company,
New Moon, House of Heros,
Caramel Crisp & other places
of business.
Talk events.
How people come
to share a moment
& meet new people.
How all these events
Come together and keep people
awake, together, separate at times, telling
Stories and old experiences.
How many more years are left
together, breathing, praying & waiting?
Intact despite the overcast of possible crime and corruption
Raining down on their faces?
I want to talk about our people
The artists, the business starters, the on lookers,
the family, the friends, the community,
the outcasts, the heros.
All of them, my friends.
All of them, looking for me,
watching our city flourish,
keeping the city alive and breathing
I want to talk about business.
How one man’s dream can be
Change a whole community.
How joyful it can be.
How I see family businesses
every time I look up in our skies,
Walk down the street, fall down
& get back up.
How if I not have lived here,
I would be a different person,
A different soul
Rising from it’s grave.
I want to talk about community.
I want to talk about compassion.
I want to talk about business.
How even the largest and smallest groups deserve it.
How we greet each other
With smiling faces
& respect.
How we all should think.
Every time someone is victimised
you stand up for them
Every time you see someone fall down,
you pick them back up and say, “I’ve got your back”.
Because my city is special.
Because my city is one of a kind.
Because the people are
Your largest family.
I want to talk about Oshkosh.
I always talk about Oshkosh.
My head thinking of it's love,
compassion, honor & respect.
Come sit, come stand, come
Talk to me. Talk.
There’s much to say.
Walk. Find what you believe.

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