Distracted Driving

July 21, 2016
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Distracted driving is dangerous                                                   
It is like giving God another one-up on you                                   
Letting the car take your life into it’s own hands                            
Don’t be dumb or a stupid bum                                                      
Process, Inhale, and Comprehend what you are about to do              
Your hands slip into the cup holder and grip the phone of death       
You only look away for a few seconds to see if you got any new Facebook notifications
First comes the saltiness of your own blood in your mouth    
Next an ear piercing explosion from an unknown source         
Then in front of you sparks that range from amber orange to sun-bright yellow
Burning oil infiltrates first the left nostril then the right           
The airbag blasts your face in one swift motion                        
Your short life flashes before you
Benny the cat who was there for you no matter what                  
Your bubble-gum pink hat that you wore during your to cool for school phase  
Life was like a best friend you would sometimes take for granted
Your life is a dinosaur, extinct                                      
Your heartbeat has stop and your pulse drops   
You’re now considering what you had done
You’re now wondering if it’s your fault                           
You’re now not here to see what your future had held for you
This could have happened, who knows
Every choice you make has its repercussions

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