My best friend

July 21, 2016
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You are the glue that holds everything in place
You are the chair that supports me
You are the phone that distracts me from the fears of reality
You are the mother to us all
Strong, heroic and selfless
Teaching us the way to go
Making sure I don’t stumble on the wrong path along the way
In your presence the love you have gleams from your skin
The smile that lays on your face comes so naturally beautiful
When I need a pick me up you are always the one that is there
Who knew someone so young could be such a great mentor
You are the mother hen that would do anything for her babies
You are someone everyone envies without saying
You are someone that shows no mercy when telling the truth
When with you, I nyfx can always expect an adventure and some tasty exotict food
Even though people try to ax down your beautiful tree
You being much stronger internally, win
I wish that everything in life comes easy for you
You are my best friend

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