July 21, 2016
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Love is an ocean,
Waves pulling you in with every step,
Soft sand making a mess,
Hurricanes drowning you until you feel numb.
But you stay under the water,
Because it’s satisfying.
It’s satisfying to know that you always have something to come back to,
It’s satisfying to see how long you can hold your breath.
Sometimes you stay under so long,
You can smell blue in the water.
In the beginning,
You try to swim to safety.
You try to get back to your old self,
Because maybe love isn’t everything.
When you were a kid all you hear about is your future.
Young Abby was told that she was going to find the perfect boy,
get married,
and maybe raise a little family.
But what if things don’t turn out that way?
That’s ridiculous.
Just keep swimming.

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