Remember Me

July 21, 2016
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Our fingers intertwined

like a needle with thread,
we ran away from our problems,
escaped all the worries of the world,
you were my only girl,
the only thing I saw,
the reason I refused to fall,
even though the weight of the world
was on my shoulders,
and all I wanted to do was
give up,
you were the reason I stood
Every time I closed my eyes,
It was your face behind my eyelids.
You undid
every fiber of my being,
you were what I lived for.
You were my forever more,
and it's killing me inside that
I am the furthest thing from your mind.
I haven't heard your hiccuping laughter,
Seen your beautiful, auburn eyes as we lay in bed,
I haven't endured the horrid fights,
I haven't kissed you goodnight,
I haven't held you when tears are streaming down your face,
and your mind is in space,
when you wanted to be anywhere but my arms,
but it only made me hold you tighter.
I am no longer the reason you smile,
and it breaks me a little more every day we are apart,
you took my heart,
and never gave it back.
I miss you.
I miss the way your fingers felt against mine,
and each time
I see you walking down the street
I look down at my feet
so you can't see my tears.
even though it's been years,
since I have seen your face,
nothing can replace
the hole you left in my life.
But I am just a memory
to you

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