70% Water

July 21, 2016
By WynnieZhao BRONZE, Ottawa, Other
WynnieZhao BRONZE, Ottawa, Other
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If the ocean can calm itself after the worst of storms

If coastlines can just barely kiss the shore, then just disappear

If creeks can wander off in every direction

Yet still remain grounded to where they began

If riverbeds can cross the sharpest rocks

If the ocean can heal what pills cannot

If the world is 70% water

And so am I


If the ocean can restore its peace through gust and through wind

If the ocean can hold the deepest and darkest of dangers

While still keeping afloat the wonders of the world

If the ocean can survive through wars

And bloody battles and revolutions

But still be coursing with life

If the ocean can

Well, then so can I.

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