Summer days

July 20, 2016
By ZaidaEiden SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
ZaidaEiden SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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The smell of the sweet summer bliss
Brushed up against my face
This is something you don't want to miss

The wiggling worms sprawl out across
The warm wet sidewalks
Big fish laying in the moss

Flowers bloom beautifully beneath the sun
As buzzing bees buzz between pedals
Oh what fun

Ants hurry quickly across the damp logs
Finding their way back to their homes again
As the bright sunlight shines on the frogs

Dogs wrestle and rest in the soothing shade
While cats spend their time in the house all day
As the pile of cloud soon seem to fade

Running through sprinklers after sweating all day
Hoping that tomorrow it won't rain
And that sky won't turn grey

Birds singing sweet song
And grandparents singing along
Days like these seem to long

Some grasshoppers jumping in the freshly cut green grass
While others stay still but showing but just taking a rest
Look another one just passed

Large amounts of apples being made into apple pie
Along with apple cider to have on the side
Did you see that plane so far up in the sky

Summer days start getting more cool
As leaves start to fall
Its starting to be that time for school

Soon enough though summer days will start again
What a great summer it has been

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