This Is My Home

July 20, 2016
By draconis BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
draconis BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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In the end, it will all be okay. If it is not okay, it is not the end.

This is my home
The only home I have ever known
Sure it seems small
But the story it tells, it tells all

When I was little
Life was oh so simple
Everyone took care of me
I was happy as can be
I was well fed
Kept a roof over my head
Not a tear was spilled
For every need was fulfilled

Years gone by
With rules to defy
I was a true teen
Kept a dangerous routine
Thought I was a hot shot
But I messed up a lot
I tried to be a rebel
But all it did was put me that cell
Mom was there to get me out
Surprisingly, she didn't scream and shout
"Just don't do it again"
And that was the end

Soon I was mature
But life was quite obscure
Young adult all alone
Staying in this old home
Living here still
I couldn't pay one bill
I didn't know what to do
For money, I had few
But mom came back
She set me on track
"I'll get you on your feet"
Mom reassured me
A sigh of a relief
For all I will achieve

Now I had a career
Every year was a great year
I met a kind man
He was my Superman
This man gave me a ring
It was like he gave me everything
He made me smile
Every thing was worth the while
Then my stomach started to grow
Mom began to glow
"You've got this"
She said with a kiss
I won't be as good as you
I know that is true

He was getting bigger
His spirit was vigor
My sweet son
My loved one
He made my mom grin
Creating a glee wihin
We were a family
Living happily

One day I got a call
One that made me really bawl
It was mom's doctor with news
Her spirit was overused
Her light was out
Mom's gone, no doubt

Now my home feels empty
My feet carry heavy
My son is out of college
He's gained all his knowledge
The sweet boy met a girl
Treated her like a pearl
My husband is on his death bed
With no words left unsaid
I'll love him eternally
For he loved me perfectly

So here comes the end of the wise years
I have already dried every tear
This home was good to us
We lived fantastic with plus
I look out to the starry sky
I suppose now I say bye
I thought it would be hard
But let down my guard
I'll see mom soon
The only mom I ever knew

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