Daddy's Little Girl

July 20, 2016
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Daddy’s little girl, skin unblemished, untouched by the world.
Her soft blue eyes reflect the aqueous scene depicted
On the tablecloth, where her chin rests on her hand
And her bubble gum pink bangs frame her face.

The lighthouses, like old school barber shop signs,
Painted in red, white, and black stripes
Clutter the cloth. Maroon barns and all white houses
Surrounded by sun bleached rocks protecting them
From the soft sapphire ocean.
Providing a playground for sailboats,
a playground for her imagination.
Masts white as clouds in the sky.
White as the petals of the lily,
Tucked behind her faint fuchsia hair.
A little girl dreaming about her future:
An all white wedding, in a white church,
With a husband that never yells,
And a life with only ups and no downs,
And three kids who never fight, and get all A’s.
Daddy’s little girl, untouched by the world.

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