July 24, 2016

Times get tough, and you think you've had enough
People say 'don't give up' but how would they know what's up? They don't feel the shards of glass tearing into your soul
Or the heart you once had, but now has turned to coal
They can't understand those lonely nights in the dark
When all you can feel is the sharp pain in your heart
Your wallows echo in the air but no one seems to care
Time seems to be up, and you decide that you've had enough Those dried eyes flood with tears realizing life isn't so clear,
You search for a way to part something you've wanted from the start Hands graze the countertops, and your heart begins to knot Suddenly you find what has been weighing heavily on your mind The medicine, the blade, your only true way to be saved
Life stands still and your spine arches with chills
Soon enough you find yourself on the floor,
Broken down and screaming you can't do this anymore
You think of all those people who never seemed to care
Or the solemn eyes that would just stop and stare
There are people who give you advice but only to make you think twice They may not understand, but there is someone who can.

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