July 24, 2016
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Darling’s on a trip with no end in sight

Afraid of coming down, she stays high

It’s time to pretend, she takes the pipe

Eyes wide shut, she opens up her mind


Take another one to clear your head

Don’t look back, drift away instead

Another sip of the potion in your cup

Faded, now everything’s looking up


Darling’s like a flame shining bright

Soon she’ll go out, for now she’s alive

Lighter in hand, ready to take flight

Breathes deep, opens up her third eye


Take another one to calm your heart

It’ll kick in soon, wait for it to start

Another pull and you’re at peace now

You've never rolled, I’ll teach you how


She’s been twenty one since she was a preteen

Easily influenced by restricted movie scenes

She feels California love off California drugs

Hoping she’ll be remembered if she dies young

She searches for the next dose, for the next pill

And nothing ever changes, nothing ever will

Brief relief may be all she feels, but it isn't real


Drugs rule everything around me

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