what's the point of fairytales?

July 23, 2016
By Anonymous

I hate Snow White
She has hair as dark as night
Lips as red as blood
And skin as white as snow
My skin is not as white as snow, my skin is the color of deer dung
And apparently my people are worth just that to the world
Deer dung
The evil queen sent the huntsman to kill Snow White
But he didn't
Because of her skin
The Evil Queen sent him!
She's supposed to be the most powerful person in all of the land.
But yet even her magic powers
Couldn't compete with the loveliness of Snow White
But every day
Regular old people
Who's only superpower is a loaded gun
Are taking more and more lives of people like me
Snow White's hair is as dark as the night I spend shedding big crocodile tears over another useless killing
Her lips are as red as the blood of Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray and thousands
more of black lives


They will try to make me believe I am nothing more than deer dung
But I believe my skin is as sweet as Hershey Chocolate
And I have faith that one day
I will have as much privilege as Snow White

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