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July 22, 2016

Lying on the table
Was a white pamphlet with blue lettering.
A bungled investigation
That beat and strangled the past
From those who birthed it.
Why don’t you take a kick at the cat?
It’s time for a fresh look.

This is not a History Book
It is a book of those left out of history
Partly emancipated
Trapped in the sunless, airless existence
The specter of a passive, enslaved womanhood
Where it is always
Authority over salvations
Imposing anonymity
Images that preach truth but are full of lies
This is where we live.
Why don't you take a kick at the cat?
It’s time for a fresh look.

The book is different now:
It’s cover is a patchwork of browns, tans and whites
It’s spine a rainbow
But the inside is still the same
We can vote.
Now what?
We can own property.
Now what?
We can pursue our dreams.
Now what?
We have equal pay for equal work.
Wait. Stop!
Why have we put a man on the moon
But not a woman on the same level as a man?

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