July 22, 2016
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if i let out the wild animal
what will become of us?
i'm at the edge of primal chaos
its feral eyes are watching me- there’s
a wildness in them, the wildness of Truth

(oh i cannot tame this)
and its fangs are sharp,
their potential as powerful
as the sun
or the night
(but which is it?)
what should I do?
(perhaps this is the wrong question.)

what can i do?

(i hurt. but there are no scars, not yet.)
why must it be up to me?
if you release the beast
it will be you,
not me,
who takes the blame if it turns its claws upon us
but know that I will be there with you
shielding you from its teeth

(i think i might be a little in love with you)
the key is in my hand now...

"hey. i really like y-"

it tears at my heart.

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