July 20, 2016
By RecklessQuint SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
RecklessQuint SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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My life is an endless destination
That never halts spinning
In the deepest corners of the world
Allowing the waves to crash on the shore
And swallow up the last bit of my sanity
The heavy tide crushing my lungs
The bright of the sun deflecting the hazel of my eyes
Salty water in the air stinging my nose
The blare ringing of the bell in NYC
Ringing in a new year
Never allowing time to slow or reverse
Always allowing my mouth to speak before my mind
Slicing my tongue with pity
And tasting the iron of my twisted ways
Love, always making me feel red
Burning like Whiskey through my veins
Brantley Gilbert sings the soundtrack to my recklessness
My life is only given a hundred year span
For that I was born in the wrong generation
Replacing real communication with technology
The stupidity of worrying about being someone's #womancrushwednesday
Pushing boys away from me because I want attention
But the attention I attract is the wrong kind
Daddy always said when it came to brains “they had the short-end of the stick,”
The loud voices of my soul let my independence rise to the surface
Of a once powerless girl who cared what others thought
Until I got sick of standing in the rain
And let it wilt away the flowers and dry up the paved road
That led me flying in the stars.
Young Ash would soon be flying free
Away from the snug nest called home
To explore the mountains of adulthood
To run with the freedom of Shelby
My German Shepherd that grew fierce in my bones
Who now runs with the light in Heaven
My earrings glamoured so brightly that I simply could not
Believe anything I was hearing
To my knowledge life is dulce amargo
The image in the mirror is constantly laughing back at me
And my mind scatters to the earth's ends

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