Mom, The Only One I've Got

July 20, 2016

You are the soft hazel eyes
That I inherited from you
That can see right through
All my reckless shenanigans

You are the shade green grass of Elkhorn
In the deep corners of the woods
Where the milk cows grow in the pasture
And Grandpa’s rusty white barn still stands

You are the spitting image of your mother
Who passed away too soon
But heaven is near, and grandma is too
As her personality reflects down on you

Allowing you to become the mother of three girls
That you raised on your own faith
All seven years apart
Your own pride and joy

You are the torn up road
That paves the path to our driveway
Where you chased me as a little girl
And allowed me to roam untamed

You are the welcome doormat
To our front door steps and
Your kind hearted soul
Keeps a warm atmosphere

You are the white walls surrounding us
That gave us room to express ourselves freely
Decorated with red, white and blue
Bleeding with American colors

You are the tattered garden
Daddy built in the backyard
Where you gave your green thumb life
And watched the wild plants grow

You are the smell of chicken in the oven
Steaming in the air
Every night when the clocks strikes six
You never let my belly run dry

You are the warm embrace of a hug
That senses when one is needed
And the gentle touch of a lipstick mark
On the middle of my forehead

You are thirty one years of marriage
That gave a strong man a place to call home
And built his dreams high
So that he could build mine even higher

You are my mother
Who gave me your deep brown hair
And the freedom that flows through it--I will always hold you close to my heart

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