The Soul That Likes To Travel

July 20, 2016

I was born to run
As free as the wavering sands on an empty desert
As free as a pony on an open plain
I go where the wind suggests I go; nobody will ever know
My body contains a spirit that can’t be tamed
I’m a wild child with a reckless soul
Freedom is the alcohol that burns through my veins
I was created to roam without cages
And drive to the beat of my own heart
The only language I speak
Is the language that lets my mind roll freely off my tongue
Learning to laugh without stopping, dream with an open-mind, and love endlessly
My eyes crave to seek
To see all the colors of the world
My body allows me to bend at different angles
To crawl the paved stone, to walk at different speeds, and to run with abandonment
My mind creates demons
That sets my soul free
To explore the corners and caves of the earth
To explore the mysteries of the ocean floor and all the creatures in between
To reach the highest points in the sky and far beyond its reach
My heart is as willing as a newborn’s first breath
And it beats to the rhythm of my desires
I was put on earth for a reason
To travel to places that no man has ever stepped
And to search for the greater good
To view the world in a different perspective
One that I crave becomes a reality, pray is for the best, and lay my life down for--
I was born to run

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