July 20, 2016

Perfect the climax. Perfect the sound. Improve the movement. Cue emotion. Breathe. Stop. Breathe. Stop. Breathe. Stop. Pause. Hold it. Pause. again. Again. Again. Perfection. Breaking and perfection. Let it go. Let it go. I can’t let go. Let it go. It’s moving. Keep tempo. Moving. Keep tempo. But the motion. It’s to repetitive. Something must break. Break. Break. Moving. Breathe. Stop. Breathe. Stop. I have to break the motion, though. Spiraling. Spinning. Halting. Breathing. Breath. It’s coming. The peace and the flow. I hear everything. I see everything. Oh how beautiful this piece is. It’s coming from nowhere and everywhere all at once. I am living. I am life.

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