School through out the years

July 19, 2016
By Madeline1998 SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Madeline1998 SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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Kindergarten the most exciting time of your life,
Meeting so many new people,
And walking into a room with so many new toys.
The first thing I would see is all the colors,
Red, blue, yellow, green, purple, orange, pink.

First grade came and it was a whole new world again,
No more nap time,
And lots more to do in school,
It was important that we learned more,

Second grade came and we had so many friends,
I always wanted to play with them,
I learned math, english, and so much more,
And every once in awhile I would be the kid not to listen

Third grade came and my best friend moved away,
Leaving me alone and sad,
I missed her and wished she would have came back,
I got so mad,
Third grade was not a good year

Fourth grade came and we started health,
Not my favorite thing to ever talk about at that age,
I met new friends and ended up having a great year.

Fifth grade came and more health,
But finally the last year of elementary,
I was able to learn so much that year about myself,
And who I was as a person,

Sixth grade hit and I was so scared,
It was a bigger school and I had to move from class to class,
There was so much to remember,
All i can remember is being terrified and shaking so much,

When seventh grade hit I was not as scared,
I remember coming in the first day of school so happy,
Knowing that I was going to learn so much

Eighth grade, the last time I would ever be in middle school,
Knowing that High school was right around the corner,
It terrified me, scared me, and just made me not want to get older,
I learned that if i just tried in math, I would become so much more.

So when freshmen year hit,
I was ready to fly,
And I was so ready to try,
To give my all and make it a great year

When sophomore year came I was so happy to just be able to start a new year,
I could not believe that I only had 2 more years left,
I was learning so much about math and english and could not wait to learn more.

Junior year came and I could not believe how fast time had gone,
It felt like it flyed by,
I knew that I had one year left and this was my time to shine,
So i went for it.

This year is my last year, senior year,
As much as I am so scared and going to miss all the fun times of being with friends and learning new things,
I am ready to start a new chapter in life,
I am ready to step out of the door of high school,
And step into the doors of college.

Knowing everything that has happened,
I could not ask it to change a thing,
And that's why I believe everything happens for a reason. 

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