A simple utterance

July 19, 2016
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He was the sun,
Shone down on me
As if I was his world
As if he evolved around me


I thought he was happy,
Happy to be with me,
Happy to be around me,
Happy to simply be in my presence.


But how wrong could I have been about the man that I loved?
Whom I thought I knew so well.
So when he uttered the words “I don’t love you”
The world stopped.


And the sun stopped shining so brightly
We started sitting further away from each other
He didn’t smile anymore, not at me
The air that I breathed seemed to be to toxic for him.

So what I wish he would have said that tragic day is;

“You were the one, I know, but I can’t love someone whom I can never repay
The one I loved no matter the circumstance,
The one I loved without a gun to my head.”


All I wanted was for him to love me

Love me more

More than the girl next door
More than the girl before.


Except he didn’t and he never could,
He was the sun and I was the earth
We were 238,900 miles apart
And they say long distance relationships don’t work.


Maybe he just didn’t care,
Or maybe he just didn’t know
That all it took to break a girl’s heart
Was the simple utterance of the words “I don’t love you”

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