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July 19, 2016
By turtlebug2345 BRONZE, Casper, Wyoming
turtlebug2345 BRONZE, Casper, Wyoming
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Why must there always be a barrier?
Something stopping us from achieving what we want,
Or seeing the people we want to see.
Always a road block.

I was told to climb mountains, but I am afraid of heights.
I was told to reach for the stars, but I can’t breathe in space.
I was told to take chances, but I am afraid of failing.
I was told to live life to the fullest, but I am afraid of the world.

I was told to be myself, but I am afraid of not being good enough.
I was told to believe, but I am afraid of losing hope.
I was told to get back up, but I am afraid of tripping.
I was told to be great, but I am afraid of disappointing.

I was told to love, but I am afraid of hating.
I was told to give, but I am afraid of giving too much
I was told to stop and smell the roses, but I am afraid of being left behind.
I was told to never give up, but I afraid of never finding the answer.

If there is one thing that I have learned,
It is to take your fears and put them aside.
Fear is the greatest roadblock of them all,
But this is your life, so live it.

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