Dear Belated Father

July 18, 2016

You are the ease of the riding trails within the farming fields,
when the land has been filled with a white blanket
Of cold but crisp snow,
Filling our noses
while it takes our warm breath
releasing us from any worries
The solitude of our freedom,
Our serenity;

You are the quiet yet riveting ranges
With each adrenaline-pumping moment
From the crack of each gunshot,
Making our eyes light up with joy
As we hit another bullseye
Practicing for the world of determination
Teaching us focus and accuracy;

You are the calamity of the countryside,
Where the small town of Eureka lies
With each warm bonfire taking place,
Creating fires not only in pits
But within our hearts as well.
Where the currents take our worries
As well as our leaves, placed in the river
As they slowly race to the other side
Beneath the old, yet memorable bridge;

You are the Northern woods,
Where skies hold a million stars
As well as memories,
With the soft, calming scent of the woods
That holds curiosity of what lingers within
Keeping us on our toes with eagerness
As well as the peace of our family whose cabin burrows inside
Giving us memories of laughter and love
Just as you have;

You are my hero.

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