Life After

July 18, 2016

When will it stop? Fear, frustration, frenzy;

Each time she opens her mouth we cringe
Waiting for the moment to feel less deadly

When will it stop? A question we may never put to rest
She is a volcano waiting to erupt
Spewing lava, ash and suffocating smoke;
She is a lion roaring,
Sending prey running
For fear of enduring the pain;

When will it stop? Or will our lifetime simply pass
Until she rests silently with a cane;
We are the stars waiting for the sun to lay low
Our moment to shine will only come in the night,
Silent and peaceful, wondrous and still

When will it stop? Time will tell;
Each second takes it’s time,
Mocking us like a child,
Trying to get a rise from us;

When will it stop?

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