My only love

July 18, 2016
By cierra.clark BRONZE, Pocola, Oklahoma
cierra.clark BRONZE, Pocola, Oklahoma
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Make today so awesome yesterday gets jealous

              A cold Sunday morning walking through those church doors, I had no idea what was in for. As my friends came up and hugged me with glee, I didn’t know I would soon meet sweet misery. Introductions, names, smiles, and laughs, then I had to show him our class. Sunday school full of friends, worship, love, and God; little did he know how at the sight of him I awed. As I walked ahead of him in my sweater and leggings skin tight, all he saw was just another sight. I fell in love with his eyes for they never changed. I never knew loving him would feel like being hanged. He the Neuss and his love the push. 10 whole months I hid behind a bush of shyness. Month 11 it all happened; the question was asked and in glee I basked. 5 months quiet, 1 month aloud. Half a year? I wasn’t very proud. One big night my heart ripped in two. The pain I felt no one knew. This awful pain I had discovered yet no one knew how badly I was bothered. Several months later, they say time heals yet this is how I feel; hearts ripped in half don’t heal very fast. I trust him again yet he still doesn’t bend. He has a new girl and she is his pearl. I wanted to be his friend, that much I knew.  But her jealousy only grew. I know everything about him, every little thing. He really hates to sing, he doesn’t wear much bling, His favorite color is lime green, he is only a teen. All of my fiends have tried him and left him alone. I was there for him as his heart slowly turned to stone. He has a dumb phone, his best friend is his clone, he is a definite player. When it comes to push and shove, this is why he is my only love

The author's comments:

every thing in this poem is a summary of the past two years of my life. It has been a dfficul time, but i know all will be alright.

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