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Nighthawks This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

The door chimes as a man enters the diner
an artificial yellow glows through the restaurant
wide walls filled with glass allow light
onto surrounding sidewalks and buildings
buildings with empty stores and sleeping people
but these three aren't sleeping

one a sad fellow with his wrinkled grey suit jacket three sizes too large
he sits alone
another, a bright, red-haired, woman with full makeup inspecting her tiny attachable mic
she has tired eyes
And a tall dark haired man with a classy hat
but his expensive cologne doesn’t expel the stench of greed.

All sit drinking coffee
they take it without cream or sugar
One could ponder that these three are complete strangers
but I know better

a beggar,a reporter, a cut throat businessman
What do they have in common?
these people, just a few of the many I serve coffee to everyday are the most interesting
These, my friends, are the Nighthawks.

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