Falling into Blue

July 16, 2016

I stood on the diving board,
Hoping I wouldn’t end up colliding into glossy blue waters,
As I was sliding into a slippery slope of fright,

I lost the fight,
My body went stiff as the night,
I saw a flashing light,
Lungs inhaling air,
Eyes exhaling tears,

I never loved the color blue,
Till I met you,
Who knew I could learn to love blue again,
But I was bound to lose again,
Drown again,
Missing the ground again,
Dreaming of kissing you,
Your eyes gleaming blue,
My eyes a beaming ground, brown color,

But I found that drowning into your eyes,
Was just a lie,
Just like the color of your eyes,
Drying up my love for blue.

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