It Was a Long Hard Year

July 15, 2016

It was a long hard year
Passing grades, dorm life, renaissance
All new to a freshman
I craved for her smile, her lullaby
A diamond studded angel necklace hung from my fingers
She’ll love it,
It’s from my first salary

It was a long hard year
I missed my home
It was the day of fireworks
Blue white and red
10:15 pm, I decided to walk along,
Along the promenade

It was a long hard year
Should I give her a call
To tell her I’m home?
Nah, surprises are sweet
I’ll go home
when the fireworks die down

It was a long hard year
People crowded around me
All waiting in the anticipation of the big bang
I didn’t know them
But they weren’t strangers
10:30 pm, it can start any moment

A gun fires, someone hollers,
A white t-shirt gets stained
A person falls and disappears under the wheels
Everyone runs for their own sake
They all feel unknown to me now

I ran along with them
Didn’t dare to turn around
The ones who did
Took their last breath
And were crushed under the man
10:50 pm, I want to go home

But still,
I dared to look back,
The necklace clutched harder on me
Then it got closer..
Blinding me…
Stopping time…
My heart beat faster…
Then everything faded…

I was going home

It was a long hard year
I was finally home
I lay in the stretcher
In front of my mother.
I knew she would cry when she saw me in her door step
Im still your son
Crushed and broken
But I’m home

It was a long hard year
My journey ends here
Now I should take a long rest

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