July 13, 2016
By Jonnysweetroll BRONZE, Anderson, South Carolina
Jonnysweetroll BRONZE, Anderson, South Carolina
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shed behind me the skin of what was
before me lays the next
not sure if im even feeling it anymore
or if its what's left
lurking in my shadow
hiding in my subconscious
im picking at my scabs
ripping open my scars
trying to find a piece
trying to find a way
i still feel you
the more I do the less I feel of myself
flesh nothing but a barrier
for the muscle underneath still reacting from you
my shell is cracking
the image is running
these wounds never seemed to heal right
you still left your imprint on each one
im left with nothing
not even something to crawl towards
devour me
defecate my remains
and regurgitate what you don't need
i can't bare it
you broke me for that one single moment
does your soul not waver like mine?
do your eyes not fill at the thought?
how can you feel nothing yet i felt it all?
have I created a hole in my mind to force it away?
it picks at me
it gnaws
I feel it turning and tearing at me
could I have that lapse of reason you felt?
could I cause this in someone?
i can't find it anymore
the colors are dull
the food is s***
the music is slow
i am left naked and afraid
just as I was born

The author's comments:

wounds always leave scars to remind you. 

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