What You Were

July 13, 2016

You were mystery,

You hid every piece of yourself away so perfectly.

You were surprise,

Showing up unannounced and unexpected.

You were spontaneous,

A burning ball of passion and unrational decisions.

You were love, 

At least for a while.

You were jealousy,

Set off by anyone who dared to notice me.

You were anger,

Firing your ammo at me any chance you got.

You were control,

Spitting yourself on every aspect of my life.

You were isolation,

Secluding me from anyone you felt threatened by.

You were danger,

Spilling threats of evil in every corner of my mind.

You were anxiety,

Leaving me shaking and breathless at 3 a.m. when the world was quiet.

You were harm,

Backing me into a corner with a death grip on my arm.

Then you were gone,

And I could finally breathe again.

You were nothing,

Just like you should be.

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