The Dragon of Feuer

July 13, 2016
By , Marietta, GA

Oh, wind breath
Oh, tongue of fire
Oh, claws of death
Flying ever higher

Oh, strength in horn
With iron grip
The wind is torn
A burning lip

Oh, biting teeth
Which pierce the sky
All sits underneath
Oh, words that lie

Oh, heart that burns
Chest expands
Mind of twists and turns
Laughing at the under lands

Oh, great wings
Oh, wicked eyes
Bright, golden things
Glinting as he flies

Oh, endless tale
Oh, greedy beast
With scales like mail
Fierce, to say the least

Oh, Knight slayer
Taker of a Princess
To his hidden lair
A golden heaping mess

Oh, cursed gold
Oh, cursed greed
Who would be so bold?
To do the fateful deed?

Oh, high mountain
Oh, dark cave
Where few have been
Many a hero’s grave

Who could take the lead?
Travel far and wide
To do the fateful deed
And slay the beast inside

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