July 13, 2016
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For three years you have been my wonderwall-
The only one I have loved through it all.
My infatuation, my addiction, my selfless infliction;
The one who inspires my flowing diction.
With the way you seemed make time stop,
You also made my beating heart drop.
It fell right into your cross-legged lap,
And you inscribed your initials with a tap, tap, tap.
You carelessly branded your name on my heart,
Before abruptly leaving and tearing me apart.
But even now I still crack a subtle smile,
While I open my doors and invite you in for a while.
I know it may seem like a foolish motion,
But you wouldn't understand until you felt this emotion.
No matter what you have done or could do,
These feelings of love I still have for you.
Even when you weren't mine, I was still yours,
And whenever you come by, I'll let you in through my doors.
I pray that one day you'll come to a conclusion,
That our love was more than an illusion.

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