July 13, 2016
By Mariajanee SILVER, Shelby, North Carolina
Mariajanee SILVER, Shelby, North Carolina
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In mornings I see a beast looking back at me

I try to hide it before anyone else sees

mascara, foundation applied so perfectly

all to conceal all my insecurities


My freckles, my dark circles and a spot or two

people wouldn't care but it's everything to me

I'm too scared to go out with all these imperfections 

It all causes stress and anxiety


I wish it didn't matter

I wish nobody would see

my face feels too ugly in this world of model wanna-be's

It's so hard to bare it I can hardly breathe 


My body grows weak, tired of being its own prisoner 

no food, too much excersize I feel like I'm expired

overused, confused I break my reflection 

shattered glass, bloody hand, hospital visit 


Car ride home 

Broken, torn up phone 

I realize I'm who I have been wanting to be

but it's still not enough



It all feels too rough

I bowed my head, and put my hands up

then all the pain paused


I prayed while I put all the mirror back together 

then I whispered to myself " Beautiful Forever "

The author's comments:

For anyone struggling with self image problems know that you are not alone and you are beautiful.

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