The Universe Wants to be Noticed

July 12, 2016
By HazelGraceLancaster BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
HazelGraceLancaster BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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They plea for her ever omniscient attentions

The grasses - nudge - hopefully
The sun - burns - imploringly
The bird - sings - pleadingly

But in her dying eyes -
She sees yet not to see

She takes the very kind -
The very smart -
The very true -
In her dying eyes

But they cannot see to see
And so they leave - her
To stare blindly - for eternity

What I would do - to have it seen -
The grasses - felt -
The sun - burned -
The birds - heard -

But those who cannot see to see -

Beg from me imploringly -
And I ask them to watch

But those who fail to live -
Die with apparitions of my majesty

Nevermore to me -
Awash with my majesty

The author's comments:

I think that thhe universe wants to be noticed.  Children die of cancer, astroids hit earth and the universe provides all with the uncertainness of change. "She" (the universe) kills the very smart, the very kind and the very true.  And she will take you too, but it'll be a good bit easier if you've noticed her in her entirety.


I used "Nevermore" in reference to the Edgar Allen Poe's famous poem in which a young man goes crazy as he talks to a raven who only will utter only in reply, "nevermore."  The use of this word conveys the universe's supposed distance from people. 


The idea of "[seeing] to see" was inspired by Dickinson's use of the "I" or "eye." As most people see to understand to comprehend, to gain insight, seeing for the pleasure of using the oculus dexter and sinister is severely underrated.  Only in "[seeing] to see," argues the narrator, can we truly appreciate the universe. 


In the information age when people are more constantly sitting indoors, wearing sunscreen and listening to headphones, nature is not appreciated as it has been in the past. And as nature's elements "beg from [her] imploringly" it symbolizes the way people beg for help from the universe, whether that be for help from ailments or guidence. But in response she asks them to observe her - which her, which they fail to do and ultimately leads them to thier own death.

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