The Universe Wants to be Noticed

July 12, 2016

They plea for her ever omniscient attentions

The grasses - nudge - hopefully
The sun - burns - imploringly
The bird - sings - pleadingly

But in her dying eyes -
She sees yet not to see

She takes the very kind -
The very smart -
The very true -
In her dying eyes

But they cannot see to see
And so they leave - her
To stare blindly - for eternity

What I would do - to have it seen -
The grasses - felt -
The sun - burned -
The birds - heard -

But those who cannot see to see -

Beg from me imploringly -
And I ask them to watch

But those who fail to live -
Die with apparitions of my majesty

Nevermore to me -
Awash with my majesty

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