July 14, 2016
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the kiss that you
imprinted on the upper
left side of my back
is all too real
for it mocks me
everytime i change attire
        shaped like the light pink heart
you gifted me on my fourteenth
birthday, it forces me to
reminisce on times that are too far
back in tar, to pluck out
like reality, it hit me
like pain, i felt it
a whole side of a brown cheek
managed to redden like ripe
apples at county fairs
‘play with me again’ it said
just like you
when it was good, it was great
as nothing feels as good as
summer heat and summer sweat
sticking naivety and incompetence
together like glue
and those beat up converse sneakers
you wore with your
typical white shirt
was enough to trick
anyone into believing
that you’ve got life
and every single time
you hit that beige
living room wall
with your fist,
you managed to somehow
strike a chord in my
heart string
A beating adrenaline flowing
through the veins
like water off the back
skeletons buried and
folded in a closet soon grow
restless and begin to
open doors and exit
out of my mouth
they spill out and cover all
of my bluffs
Walking on eggshells,
hiding all of the pots
and praying to God
that you were too high
to remember
where the knives
if i could not get
You angry
you would get yourself
and the blame me
for not stopping your emotions
but i can not.
I can’t even save myself
from you with the

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