July 14, 2016

The voice of your loneliness deafens you,
Consuming you,
Until your ears bleed,
Until your heart is numb with sorrow,
Leaving your mind suffocated,
And your soul asphyxiated.

Twenty people surround you,
Yet there is only you,
You are not alone
but you are lonely,
And soon the noise of their chatter
Increases the volume of your loneliness,
Your voice left muted in theirs.

You come back home to a single bed,
Four people living with you –
A family,
Yet it feels like you’re living

And, then late at night when the
deafening screams of your loneliness
cause your brain to succumb.
The only voice you have is the muddled
Cries to yourself.
The only mark you leave,
The half dried tear stains on your pillow…

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