Lost in Translation

July 10, 2016

Blank face amongst blank walls

Effortless disregard for privacy
Open shame
The mirror in the far corner
Shattered facedown in a pile
Of dust and mortification
She gazes into her own plexiglass reflection, breaks
Isolated miles away
Empty stares back at her
Jaw slackened, transmitting silent messages
Dispatching unspoken pleas; wordless wishes suppressed
Blank face amongst blank walls
Lack of façade: a façade in itself

Gnawing at the nail beds of
The right-side pointer and the left-side ring
Avoiding foreign eyes possible connections
Finding sanctuary in her own destruction

Barriers break, barricades bust
Combustion smothers
Restraints wrecked as tensions release
Spaces simultaneously overcrowded and vacant
Exhalation, oxidation

Passing her fingers under the running water once, twice
First freezing, reaching numbness
Second scalding, just to see if she still knew how to suffer
Angry raging red staining
Alleged stainless steel
Memories seems to fail her; sensory lapse

Immortalizing damaged digits
Disclosing immoral habits
Dying and dead bits of soul; swallowed
As had always been expected
Along with one grain of salt from the pinch bowl
In the imitation kitchen

Words cascade off the tip of her tongue
Trickling into the uninspired waste basket, often missing
Staining the rickety floor boards a darker shade of mundane
Contemplations deteriorate, relegated to cracks amongst conformity
Wooden planks of human renunciation
How desperately she yearns for a sponge

She lies awake, three days in doses
Her mind a jumble of nonsense and excess
Stimulating the pinball machine inside her head
Masquerading as vitality

She was an open book, simply written in a language no one seemed to recognize

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