July 10, 2016
By kayms BRONZE, Kenmore, Washington
kayms BRONZE, Kenmore, Washington
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She leapt out of the pit
she was stuck in,
and for a moment she soared,
she was free,
but then the weight of the world kicked in,
and she fell, fell, fell.

She fell back into the pit of despair,
in the pool of blood and tears.

She was free for a second and that made it so much worse when she collapsed back into Hell.

Her heart burnt and turned to ashes.
And from those ashes grew a single rose.
Her tears stopped flowing long enough to reach down and pluck the rose.

Red as blood, and soft as silk,

And with that rose, she took the thorns and stabbed it through her heart,
unable to live in the fiery universe of hate,
and death.

But as she drifted up towards the heavens,
she fell again, as murder is the greatest sin,
and so she was stuck in a vicious cycle of freedom and prison for all eternity,

Though all she did was try to be free and that,
was her greatest wrong.

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