A Toast

July 9, 2016

Here's to fearing the unknown.

To feeding the growing rift between ideologies,

throwing good lives after bad

in search of ways to prove ourselves right.


Here's to letting questions go unanswered

because we fear the changes the answers might bring.

To allowing delusions to become our foundation,

reducing us to cowards in the face of wonder.


Here's to condemning discovery -

of science, of spirituality, of self.

To standing firm in our beliefs

by destroying the beliefs of others.


Here's to our blindfolded eyes

that don't see the hipocrisy

in fighting wars over religion.

To voting for leaders because they

are red or blue,

left or right.

To always blaming the other side.


Here's to stupidity,



and intolerance.


But here's also to our daydreams.


Here's to the pinprick of light

where the sky bleeds feeble hope.

To that lonely speck,

unafraid to shine on the dark horizon.


Here's to the millions of bleeding pinpricks in our sky,

as distant as they may be.

To the change they might affect.

To the wonder they have yet to instill.


Here's to tomorrow.

Here's to nursing our feeble hope

until it becomes an insurmountable

force of change.


Here's to you.

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