Cold, Cold Bars

July 9, 2016
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She glances around the cage

Presses her muzzle to the cold metal bars

Snarls a song of fury

As they try to get close.

They stumble back in fear

She grins in satisfaction

Licks her paws striped Hallows Eve

But her heart yearns for company.

She whimpers when away they run

She didn't realize even though

They were the ones that trapped her

She wants them to stroke her fur

And smile and comfort her.

The tigress paces her small cage

Growls at the doleful emptiness

Lays down in the stiff hay

And closes her eyes.

She dreams of her home

Where she once was

Before this, long ago.

She has always solved her problems

With brashness and arrogance

But maybe now

She should try something different

Try to sweeten her words.

She just wants out

She just wants a companion

She just wants everything that she can't have

In this steel cage

Behind these bars.

Behind these cold, cold bars

That she cornered herself in.

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