What love made her

July 9, 2016
By Ferro GOLD, Mexico City, Other
Ferro GOLD, Mexico City, Other
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She became his everything out of nothing, and never was there a man more grateful than he. He would compare her eyes to the galaxies immensity, and her body to its mystery; never was a there a man more intrigued then he. Only the dark did her justice, as no-one could see her shine in the light, not many knew of that, but he always waited for the suns setting impatiently because he knew there was a lot to admire. She wouldn’t let him explore the curls in her hair because of all the secrets she hid within each strand, yet slowly she let down her hair, and slowly she let him wander throw each curl to understand the story to why they bend that way. Never was a girl more loved than she.

But still, as time passed, he no longer called, he no longer bothered to read the stories of the new bends in her curls, so she tied her hair up again. She was no longer a galaxy but a star. He no longer waited for the sun to set to see her shine, so she decided to stop shining. Her eyes were now just brown and sometimes had a sparkle but only because of the lighting. So she became smaller. Not physically but emotionally. And through every inch of her body she fought to make him the wanderer that he was before. Because she saw he already found a new way, he no longer was lost in time. So she started counting it. She stopped feeling the days go passed, so she started measuring the days by how many times he would call. She started measuring her worth with how much time he was willing to spend with her. She started to believe that it was ok to treat her as such because after all it was true love and there are always bumps on the way. Or at least thats what she would say to herself. Then one day she would wake up to find an immensity in front of her in the mirror, she found the galaxy hiding in her eyes, she remembered how it felt, she tried to make him remember too. She wouldn't say love made her stronger, but love did make her better. Because love showed her how to value herself.

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