Dear Doctor

July 9, 2016
By Levi88 BRONZE, Annville, Pennsylvania
Levi88 BRONZE, Annville, Pennsylvania
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Dear Doctor
Dear Doctor
I believe i've gone frail
With a discarded medicine packet and diet of Ginger-ail
You've told me a million times
Now I'm laying In bed
Telling of stories that awaken in my head
I think i've gone deaf
I can't hear you say, and can't hear my own breath
You say it's an ageing thing
nothing to worry
My time is up doc
I'm really sorr...

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece when my grandmother complained about the doctors at the hospital not listening to her symptoms properly. She couldnt seem to get her word across so she sat in bed all day hopeing till she either got better or died. She thankfully overcame the sickness, where as the person in my poem did not.

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