Ode To Coffee

July 8, 2016
By Anonymous

Seven o’clock,
I take my first sip.
All I smell
and feel,
is the soft steam rising,
filling the void of the early morning,
disappearing into the air,
quick as vapor.
Then I start my day.


Coffee is a friend;
You are guaranteed
a lasting, strong friendship.
Sometimes bitter but mostly sweet;
You will never want to go on a break.

Most of all, coffee is a lover;
It keeps you awake at night,
stirring in your thoughts.
The first thing
you want to see
in the early morning.
We all want more of it,
but we dont want to get burnt.

The author's comments:

I think that the small things in life are greatly underappreciated, and this is just an ode to one of the small things in my life that I simply need to give praise to: coffee. 

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