July 8, 2016

Soft as moon
you walk a rope
between life
and death
And I never know
where you will fall

Broken ropes
bloody blades
you try to scrape
away the pain
and hate

Dusty footsteps
are my own
leading back
to the day
we first met
and I know
I would do it all again
But I never know
if you will fall

You tell me
of broken nights
As simple as one, two, three
Choose, act, fade away
“Maybe I’ll leave tapes behind”
you say
“Like that girl, the Baker one, just like her”
I’m so afraid
that you will fall

What could sow
such darkness from a

How strangely
how suddenly
the joy
of youth
  can sour

If only I
could reach beyond
to show you
your worth
If only I knew
how you will fall

Stay, you fool, stay!
Please don’t fall


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